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Digitally Imported Radio

Project Start: Early July 2001

Project End: Unknown

Project founder: Kristoffer Nilsson

Me and KriSSe'S Labs has develped various of tools helping DI radio. A list of a couple of these things comes here:

The Statistics project has been hosted on KriSSe'S Labs Server since 2002. The project have been stoped and restored back and forth a number of time since then cause of a number of server changes.

Here's some values from the early developement of the software:

06:02:23 up 116 days, 12:56, 1 user, load average: 2.81, 1.97, 1.48
8834 root 11 0 28184 27m 2120 R 29.6 14.7 0:39.48 DIlistenersStat

The statistics above was measured at the daily rebuild (12AM EST). It takes almost 40 seconds of raw CPU load and requires more than 27 MB of memory to rebuild all graphs at this point. Of an average of 30% CPU load this process takes a little more than two minutes.

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