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Project Start: 30th of October 2001

Project End: 18th of April 2002 (Website still remains)

Project founder: Per Ström and Olle Nyblaeus

Project developer: Kristoffer Nilsson

The Swedish Telivision, SVT, decided autumn 2001 to shut down the most popular drama-series in the Swedish history. The show was broadcasted every Thursday 08.00PM and had about 1.7 million people watching, thats about 15-20% of the Swedish population! But the new director decided anyway to shut it down ignoring the people's protests.

Per Ström and Olle Nyblaeus decided to start a website with a protestlist. KriSSe'S Labs developed the entire system.

The show was shut down 18th of April 2002 but the protestlist still remains...

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