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SHOUTcast Perl Proxy

Project Start: Late April / Early May 2002

Project End: Unknown

Project founder: Kristoffer Nilsson

This project is was started to fill the current needs in Nullsoft's SHOUTcast server.

Written by Kristoffer Nilsson (aka DjKriSSe) on Sunday, 5th of May 2002.


This SHOUTcast Perl Proxy server is totally programmed in Perl and is acting exactly as an original SHOUTcast server but with some new unique functions.
This server allows Username/password authentication and/or IP class relay. This means you can create user accounts to the persons you would like to offer this service to.

Download source

This source file is very dirty coded. It doesnt support meta-data. The source havn't been touched since 2002.

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