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Projects that I'm involved in

Klubb Krajj

Club Krajj is our production/promotion name for a number of conserts/events during spring of 2009

Lazze Chriaztmaz's the result of studio production during Concert production

K3 (Art & Communication) @ Malmö University projects

Blogging and logging the working process while studying

Subtitle Tweaker

Movie Subtitle tweaker tool

Hacksta Deejay Boys Promotion - Clubmusic

Pandora Radio Relay solution

Andelshuset - Sharegaming


Atodeloo Media Group - Youth Community - Hosted on our server

Gamer's Hell - Gaming-news website system solutions

Rädda Rederiet - Interactive Protest list - Hosted on our server

Digitally Imported Radio - Internet Radio Broadcasting solutions

KriSSe'S Statistic Labs

An Independent Institute of Statistics

SHOUTcast Perl Proxy

KriSSe'S Labs SHOUTcast Perl Proxy

KriSSe'S Homep@age

First HTML introduction 1997

Contact: kristoffer AT

Here am I

Debian GNU/Linux Perl

We are a part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home (SETI).
We are a part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home (SETI@home)

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Kristoffer Nilsson (aka DjKriSSe) and KriSSe'S Labs are Linux Counted.

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